Fluent Search version

Fluent Search version

Plugin Manager

All plugins are now available in the plugins manager window (Settings -> Plus button next to search applications). You will able to install authorized plugins and update them independently from Fluent Search version.

Here is the list of plugins available right now -

All the plugins are 1st party right now, and you can find their code in my github.

Pin Search Results

You can now pin results to make sure that the next time you search for the same term, that result will be prioritized to appear on top.

More Customizations

In this version you have more ways to customize Fluent Search. Read below for more information.

Fluent Search version changelog

  • New feature "Plugins Manager" - you can now manage plugins in Settings -> Search Applications
  • New plugins are now available to download through the Plugin Manager, their updates are independent from Fluent Search
  • New feature "Pin Search Results" - you can now pin search results by pressing the pin icon, pinned results will be prioritized to appear on top when searching for the same text
  • New feature "Quick Search" - you can now search even faster by holding Left SHIFT while searching, and on release Fluent Search will trigger the selected operation (Enable in Settings -> System)
  • You can use the "http" search tag to go to URLs (without writing "https://" prefix)
  • Added new setting in Chromium search for configuring chromium paths
  • Added new setting in System to enable/disable search cancellation
  • Added new setting in Power User to disable hotkeys for specific processes
  • Added new setting in Appearance to reduce text in search window (Use minimalistic user interface)
  • The open directory operation now selects the file
  • All settings now has a little button to revert the setting to it's default value
  • Improved search performance
  • Improved UI responsiveness
  • Improved UI font size consistency
  • Improved tooltips in the settings window
  • Improved the welcome window
  • Fixed group search result dynamic size (when it expands on focus)
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes when loading UWP icons Fluent will crash
  • Fixed a bug that the progress bar kept going even though the search ended
  • Fixed a bug that changing theme when the search box is not empty causing Fluent Search to crash
  • Fixed a bug that the search operation pane was cut in the middle
  • Fixed a bug that sometime settings were not saved
  • Fixed a bug that the hotkey control appends keys on first usage
  • Fixed a bug that the hotkey control will let you trigger hotkeys while capturing them

Thanks for all the feedback!

Feel free to contact me for any suggestion/issue on support@fluentsearch.net

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