No More Mouse!

Why shouldn't I use the mouse?

One of Fluent Search main features the Screen Search lets you use your computer without a mouse.

You might ask why would you need to use your computer without a mouse? The answer is simple - the act of moving your hand from the keyboard to the mouse is something that can hurt productivity by up to 20%, just because of that movement.

Many might tell you that you can't use your computer without a mouse, but many productivity enthusiasts might disagree. Programmers learn keyboard shortcuts for the software they use so they can minimize the time they use the mouse, but not every software has keyboard shortcuts and it's very hard to memorize all of them.

That's where Fluent Search comes to the rescue! The Screen Search uses advanced image processing algorithms to find click-able objects on your screen regardless of the software you are currently using. Each click-able object is shown as a tag - a two letter square on your screen. When you choose a specific tag (by writing it's two letters), the mouse will automatically click there!


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