Fluent Search version

  • November 02, 2020

Fluent Search version

New system settings

Added new system settings according to users feedback.

C# plugins support

Fluent Search now support using 3rd party C# plugins, read more.

Full changelog

  • Improved the history search of the Chromium Search
  • Improved startup time
  • Improved theme switch time
  • Added setting for starting Fluent Search minimized
  • Added setting for resetting the searched text when opening the search window
  • Added setting for hiding the search window if it's already open when the hotkey is pressed
  • Added support for search application plugins (Through the Blast.API packages on nuget.org)
  • Fixed a bug that the system tray icon did not show correctly on RTL systems
  • Fixed a bug that search application settings did not appear in the settings window
  • Fixed a bug that closing processes opened them again
  • Fixed loading screen being top most
  • Fixed calculator search not properly matching hex and binary

Thanks for all the feedback! Feel free to contact me for any suggestion/issue on support@fluentsearch.net

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