Fluent Search version beta

  • August 27, 2023

Fluent Search version Beta

Hello everyone! I am excited to finally reach this milestone - version 1.0.0 of Fluent Search. It's been a long journey, and I'm thrilled to share the progress with you.

In this version, I've focused on simplifying the overall user experience, introducing more customization options, and refining existing features. This marks a significant step towards the first non-beta version of Fluent Search. Your feedback is invaluable at this stage, so please feel free to provide detailed input. Thank you! :)

User Interface Enhancements

Introducing a fresh icon that I believe will enhance the look on your taskbar and evoke a more "fluent" feel.
New Fluent Search Icon

Redesigned Settings Window

The Settings window has received a thoughtful redesign for easier navigation. Categories are now neatly organized, making it simpler to find what you're looking for.
New Fluent Search Icon

Hotkeys and Search apps each have their dedicated sections, and the Hotkey registration control has been optimized for smoother use. At the top, you'll find a preview of your settings along with helpful related search tags.
New Fluent Search Icon

Polished Existing Windows

Other windows, such as About and Update, have been refined to match the overall aesthetics of the application.
New Fluent Search Icon


Custom Themes

You now have the ability to save your personalized Fluent Search appearance. Sharing and importing these themes is straightforward – simply share the theme file. For those feeling adventurous, a collection of themes from other users is available. To facilitate theme sharing, I've created a GitHub repository that you can use to share themes with everyone! Fluent Search Themes Repository

New Customization Features

To make theme sharing more engaging, I've introduced new customization options. You can now adjust corner radius and customize the search watermark. The 'Dynamic' watermark will display a random watermark every time you open the search window, aiming to bring some humor to the experience.
New Fluent Search Icon

Enhanced Search Tags

Search tags have always been at the core of Fluent Search. With this update, you can now utilize multiple tags simultaneously and even create your own tags!
For enthusiasts of managing files, I've added useful tricks like searching within parent folders or locating files with specific extensions by simply typing them.
If you're an avid web explorer, you can now use URLs as tags to search through your history and bookmarks. Plus, frequently used tags will be suggested as you start typing the first letter.
New Fluent Search Icon

For improved accessibility, each search app will display the available search tags at the top, and the 'Search tags' setting page will list them all.
New Fluent Search Icon

Reworked Prioritization

I've fine-tuned the way machine learning works to provide even more consistent search results.
Prioritization has been completely reworked - you can now prioritize results on a per-result basis, tailoring the ranking for each item individually.
New Fluent Search Icon

Furthermore, you now have the ability to order results on demand directly within the search window!
New Fluent Search Icon

Acknowledging the confusion caused by the terminology, I have renamed Process Search to Windows Search, as this feature is used to search for open visible windows, rather than running processes.


In-app search has also been rebranded as In-Window search, and it is now integrated with Windows Search. Additionally, it's no longer regarded as a specialized search mode; you can easily activate it by using the 'inwindow' search tag or the familiar hotkey method.

Instant search is now distinct from in-window search (formerly in-app). It's more efficient and can be enabled using specific search tags for each app! New Fluent Search Icon


File preview functionality can now be accessed outside of Fluent Search by pressing the 'Space' key when a file is selected in a supported file manager. Additional enhancements include markdown support, toggling specific modules, and JSON file formatting.

Screen Search Enhancement

Screen search should now feel faster, with the task bar icon no longer displaying for a smoother experience. For users with multiple monitors, you can conveniently move screen search between monitors using the 'Shift' key.

Quick Menu

The Quick Menu's performance in loading sub-trees has been enhanced, and you can now directly pin search tags to the Quick Menu for quick access.


Providing feedback within Fluent Search is now easier than ever. The feedback window is accessible from the system tray menu.
New Fluent Search Icon

Full change logs

  • Settings window redesigned -
    • Organized to be much simpler with page categories
    • Hotkeys & Search apps have their own pages
    • Hotkey register control has been improved
    • Preview of settings at the top of the page
    • Related search tags at the top of the page
  • Custom themes
    • You can now save Fluent Search appearance as custom theme
    • You can share or import custom theme by simply using it's file
    • You can install themes shared by the community from theme store
    • All themes are managed in GitHub Fluent-Search-Themes repository
  • Search tag features:
    • Use multiple search tags at the same time
    • Custom search tags
    • New search tag UX
    • Files - Search in parent folder (Ctrl+R)
    • Files - Search for any file extension by typing it as search tag (e.g. ".txt")
    • Web - use URLs as tags to search in website history & bookmarks
    • Search tags will be suggested based on usage
  • Prioritization has been reworked -
    • Machine learning should be more accurate now
    • You can now add custom prioritization rules, comparing specific results to order them to your liking
    • You can now order search results on demand inside the search window - order results by name, type, context or modification time (e.g file modified, history opened, etc.)
  • Process renamed to Windows search + UI combined into it
    • Simplified in-window content search toggle
    • Renamed In-App search to In-Window Search and is now part of Windows search
  • Instant search has been improved
    • Now separated from the previously In-App search
    • It's more efficient now
    • You can select search tags to invoke with in-app search
  • New customization features:
    • Adjust the corner radius of the app
    • Display date & time for watermark
    • Dynamic watermark - randomly change watermark, just try it ;)
  • Screen search
    • Improved performance
    • No longer have taskbar icon #839
    • Press Shift to move screen search between monitors #871
    • Press TAB to change the screen search method #872
  • Quick Menu -
    • Improved performance
    • You can now pin search tags to quick menu to access their content in live e.g bookmark folders
    • Support for zip files for nested menus
  • Preview -
    • Added option to enable/disable modules
    • Preview can run on file managers
    • Full preview for markdown with editor
    • Format JSON files in preview using Alt+Shift+F
  • New icons everywhere
  • Improved results icon quality
  • Redesigned about window
  • Updated the design of all update windows, with new markdown preview for change logs
  • Added zip file preview
  • Added support for Opera using Chromium search
  • Added support for auto backup of setting files in case of random corruption (e.g. PC crash, restart without letting FS save :( )
  • Screen search OCR now work without inapp search as long as the OCR tags are used
  • Window positions will be remembered after restart #187
  • When clipboard text was changed before Fluent Search opens, the text will be automatically searched #826
  • Sync settings will now also backup installed plugin names, and will reinstall them when syncing back #840
  • Addressed issues #826 #865 #456 #621 #790 #599 #596 #730 #697 #628 #187 #839 #871 #872 #873 #874
  • Improved results icon quality

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