Fluent Search version

  • July 15, 2023

Fluent Search version

Hey everyone! It's been a while but I hope it was a worth wait, Fluent Search is finally stable for release :)
The next version will be, so I am very excited.
(The blog below is generated by ChatGPT lol)

A Smooth Animation System for Enhanced User Experience

Fluent Search has taken a significant leap forward with its latest version, featuring a brand new smooth animation system.
This upgrade enhances the overall user experience by providing seamless transitions and fluid interactions.
Navigating through search results, accessing features, and switching between screens will be a delightfully smooth experience that adds a touch of elegance to your workflow.

Unleashing the Power of Content Indexing with a Robust File Indexer

In the quest for more efficient search capabilities, Fluent Search now boasts a more robust file indexer.
This advanced indexer not only captures file names but also delves into the content of the files themselves.
With content indexing, users can easily find files based on specific keywords, phrases, or even snippets of text within documents, saving time and effort.

With the new "Quick Menu" feature, Fluent Search has revolutionized accessibility by providing users with an intuitive and efficient way to access all of its features using just a mouse or touchpad.
By incorporating mouse gestures, users can effortlessly navigate through recent files, applications, and processes, while also gaining immediate access to pinned results on the home screen.
The Quick Menu adds a new level of convenience to the Fluent Search experience.

Quick Menu window

Enhanced Performance and Improved Search Efficiency

The latest version of Fluent Search brings substantial performance enhancements across the board.
From faster search speeds to improved rendering, users can expect an optimized and seamless search experience.
Additionally, file searches have received a significant boost, allowing for quicker and more accurate results.
Fluent Search has honed its capabilities to ensure that you spend less time searching and more time being productive.

Tasks Made Better: Introducing Task Plugins and Pinned Results

Fluent Search has transformed the way users manage tasks with the inclusion of Task Plugins.
Now, all shared tasks are available as plugins in the plugins window, granting users the flexibility to customize and personalize their workflow.
These plugins can include specific settings, enabling users to tailor their tasks to their unique needs. Moreover, users can pin task results to the home screen, ensuring quick access to important information and enhancing productivity.

Embrace the Adaptive Theme: A Personalized Visual Experience

The new Adaptive Theme in Fluent Search brings a touch of personalization to the forefront.
With this feature, Fluent Search dynamically adjusts the accent color and background based on the selected result.
This adaptive design provides users with a visually engaging experience that feels tailored to their preferences, making every interaction more enjoyable and visually appealing.

Unleashing Screen Performance: Faster and More Customizable

Fluent Search has made significant strides in screen performance optimization, offering nearly three times faster rendering on high-resolution displays.
Users will notice a considerable improvement in speed and responsiveness, ensuring a fluid and seamless experience.
Additionally, Fluent Search now offers enhanced customization options for screen search, allowing users to tailor their search experience to their unique requirements.

The integration of ChatGPT takes Fluent Search to a whole new level of interactivity and productivity. By utilizing the "chatgpt" search tag, users can seamlessly interact with the ChatGPT language model without leaving the Fluent Search environment.
This integration empowers users to ask questions, seek information, and engage in conversations, all within the familiar and efficient Fluent Search interface.

Thanks for all the feedback as always, I truly appreciate it!
Feel free to contact me for any suggestion/issue on support@fluentsearch.net
Join the discord channel - https://discord.gg/W2EuWvD6GD

Feel free to share feedback or suggestions in Github - https://github.com/adirh3/Fluent-Search/

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