Fluent Search version

  • June 22, 2021

Fluent Search version

This is yet another big update, I am getting so much feedback from you guys you're amazing!

The new Fluent design

I am still learning about design and UX and these are my latest results, I hope you like it!

Search bar UI

This was the most requested feature since I started developing Fluent Search.

Search tags simplified

Search tags was always one of the strongest features of Fluent Search, but it wasn't easy to use.
In this version, Fluent Search will simply tell you "press TAB to search for docx files".

New search engine

Fluent Searches in a lot of resources, but you'd still want to see the most relevant results as fast as possible right?
That's where the Blast search engine comes into play, it searches from many resources in parallel while prioritizing the most relevant results. The engine went through big changes in this version, which improved performance and efficiency by up to 20%.

This is also a very requested feature - you can now search for settings through the search or settings windows.

Search prioritization

If you feel like you'd like to fine-tune the order of search results according to your liking, then this feature is just for you. You can now "prioritize" results based on search apps, types and their context.

Web search suggestions

This version include many improvements to web search, but the main one would be the Web suggestions provider.
You can now configure a provider (Google, Bing, custom) that will give you web search suggestions while you search for web results.

Improved preview

The preview of results can now show inside the search window. To show preview simply focus on a result and press the Space key.

Drag-and-drop and right-click context menu

You can now drag file results outside of the Fluent Search window to copy them to a specific directory or desktop (or move by pressing Ctrl).
In addition, you can right-click search results to show Windows' context menu.

Support for network file indexer

Added a basic support for network file indexing in Settings -> Files -> File indexer, when using the Fluent Search file indexer.

Support for 3rd party file manager

You can now configure 3rd party file managers to open folders in Settings -> Files -> Default file manager.

Full changelog

  • Meet the new Fluent Search design - all windows have been updated to new rounded corner Fluent design
  • Search bar UI - open the search window as search bar only (without showing results)
  • Search engine V3 - improved speed and efficiency by up to 20%
  • Search tags simplified - just type, Fluent Search will tell you exactly when and why you should use tags
  • Web search suggestions - get search suggestions as you type
  • Improved machine learning model that is more accurate and efficient
  • Preview window can be used now inside the search window! Press space to show a preview
  • Drag and drop and right-click for file-based results
  • Support for basic network file indexing for the Fluent Search file indexer
  • Support for 3rd party file managers for opening folders
  • Setting search - you can now search and edit settings within the search window
  • Many result "prioritization" settings that can be used to set which results you like more
  • New Feature - batch web search - you can now set a web search configuration with multiple URLs separated by space to all of simultaneously
  • New Feature - path search tag - you can now insert any path as a search tag to search for files inside it
  • New Feature - search tag mapping - you can now map input search tag to output search tag, for example you can map a single letter to a full directory
  • New Feature - setting suggestions - settings now can have a suggestion icon next to their name, suggestions can change the setting itself
  • New feature - ignore file extensions - you can now ignore specific file extensions in Settings -> Files -> Ignored
  • New feature - file extensions search tags - you can now configure search tag for list of files in Settings -> Files
  • New Feature - you can now change grouping method of results in Settings -> Search -> Group search results, current group types - None, Process (like old group), Type (result type, e.g. App, Files, etc.)
  • The preview feature now support QuickLook as as preview provider for files! You can change it in Settings -> Preview
    • Note this is very basic integration, as supported by QuickLook
  • When using minimal search style, the search results list will appear by pressing arrow down
  • Changed the search bar to accept capital letters as well #114
  • Improved startup performance (Especially for people with 200+ web URLs)
  • Improved the interaction between Fluent Search and the file indexer service, it requires now UAC only for start/install/uninstall
  • Improved icons for web search - icons should be now 128x128
  • Full URL search should now show as a search result even if they don't include the HTTP prefix #95
  • You can now resize and sort columns in setting tables
  • You can now delete multiple items from setting tables
  • Improved the layout of the generic preview window - it will now show all text and put a scrollbar if necessary
  • All related search tags settings have been moved to the "Search tags" settings page (NOTE - to use insert with space you need to configure it again)
  • Fluent Search window startup setting has been simplified, instead of 4 different settings there is one setting "Window show location" that has multiple options
  • The default is to open at the active monitor location (not where the mouse, but where the currently active monitor is)
  • The settings search app now searches in both System and Fluent Search settings
    • This allows you to disable FS settings search
    • You can choose between searching system/fluent search/both settings
    • You can now search "settings" to see a result to open FS settings #13
    • Improved the tags of setting results
  • All process/app tags names are now the displayed name, for example "msedge" is now "microsoft edge"
  • Renamed "IsEnabled" to "Enabled" in all settings #25
  • Changed settings section headers collapsible #12
  • Added category headers to the Settings menu, for example Hotkeys, Search, etc. You can also collapse these categories.
  • Added setting to change whether the windows of Fluent Search are top most in Settings -> Appearance
  • Added setting to add custom directories for App search in Settings -> Apps
  • Added setting for changing the max search results at Settings -> Search -> Max search results
  • Added setting for showing key gestures next to operations at Settings -> Appearance -> Show operation's shortcuts
  • Added support for search suggestion in Web searches that are not configured (URLs from Chromium)
  • Added setting "Suggest tags from Chromium websites" which let you disable Chromium website tags
  • Added support for custom web search suggestion URL per configured Web search URL (if empty it will use a default)
  • Added support for custom path network indexing
  • Added setting for disabling legacy apps in Settings -> Apps
  • Added setting - "Stop indexer on exit" - which will stop the current indexer (FS or Everything) when closing Fluent Search
  • Added column "search tag only" to web and command search #93
  • Added new setting "Fix rounded corners" which will disable the shadow around FS windows to remove Windows' sharp shadow around the window (note - these windows will not be resizable) #62
  • Added setting for ignoring search tags #44
  • Using "Keep window size" setting will now keep the Setting's window size as well
  • The Microsoft Login button will now appear per search app that needs it
  • Fixed many bugs with setting tables
  • Fixed a bug that the preview window did not open at the correct location
  • Fixed a bug that providing invalid information in Web/Command settings could cause crash
  • Fixed a bug that setting file icon path without extension in Web Search could cause crash
  • Fixed a bug that searching for file extensions could result in slower search
  • Fixed a bug that hotkey for search apps did not work when "Reset search on hotkey" was enabled #105
  • Fixed a bug that the new file extension that could cause crash
  • Fixed a bug that system tray menu was not always on top
  • Fixed a bug that if a plugin file got corrupted it was not deleted
  • Fixed a bug that focused process search could search in an already closed process
  • Fixed a bug that closing a window with Alt+F4 did not let it open again
  • Fixed a bug that Fluent Search process caching could crash
  • Fixed a bug that Fluent Search did not open after the Welcome Window closed (it still won't show when it's open)
  • Fixed a bug that App search results could appear twice for the exact file
  • Fixed a bug that File and Chromium search could fail depending on the search term
  • Fixed a bug that file dialog search did not work in some OS languages
  • Fixed key gestures showing digit keys as "D1" instead of just 1
  • Fixed a bug that Chromium search app did not work for some users
  • Fixed a bug that Fluent Search could crash on startup when a plugin directory is locked
  • Fixed a bug that directory results did not show when using Ignored file extensions
  • Fixed a bug that To-Do results new task results did not work
  • Fixed a bug that the about window did not open at screen center
  • Fixed a bug that scrolling to results when using minimal search style did not work
  • Fixed a bug that web suggestion results delayed actually the normal result (your exact search term)
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes web results did not appear
  • Fixed a bug that searching for files with special characters (e.g. ') did not work
  • Fixed a bug that Chromium icons failed to load and search did not work in some scenarios
  • Fixed a bug that the rebuild index button showed for Everything search even though it is not supported
  • Fixed a bug that Fluent Search crashed on startup for non-English Windows users
  • Fixed a bug that Fluent Search could stop immediately on startup when the indexer service was running
  • Fixed a bug that the indexer service did not index custom paths or ignored ignored paths
  • Fixed a bug that the "Always hide results when opening" did not work when used with "Reset search when opening window"
  • Fixed a bug that text settings behaved weird when inserting too many characters
  • Fixed a bug that leaving an empty command line argument could cause it to not load on startup
  • Fixed a bug that the Fluent Search indexer service did not start properly on first usage
  • Fixed a bug that some operation shortcuts did not work when focused on the search bar
  • Fixed a bug that closing Fluent Search could cause it hang for a few seconds
  • Fixed a bug that icon for UWP apps could sometimes fail to load
  • Fixed a bug that the indexer progress did not display correctly
  • Fixed a bug that EXE uninstall did not stop the file indexer
  • Fixed a bug that ML sensitivity default did not work properly #98

Thanks for all the feedback, I truly appreciate it!

Feel free to contact me for any suggestion/issue on support@fluentsearch.net

Join the discord channel - https://discord.gg/W2EuWvD6GD

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