Fluent Search version

  • August 15, 2021

Fluent Search version

Hello everyone, I hope you're all doing well and Fluent Search helps you be more productive!

Welcome the home screen

So I have been getting a lot of feedback that the empty search is a little "too empty".
From now on, when the search text is empty you will see the home screen.

The home screen will show your pinned results and suggestions and is customizable in Settings -> Home.

Windows 11 design

Fluent Search has been updated to use new UI controls, fonts, and icons from Windows 11, yes even if you are using Windows 10!

Windows 11 support

You might've heard of Windows 11 new "Mica" material, that shows blurred background behind apps like Settings and Explorer.
If so you'd be happy to learn that Fluent Search now supports this new effect.

Even more customization

Yes, even more, you can now set custom wallpaper or accent color for all Fluent Search windows!
In addition, you can apply the accent color to windows borders.

Sync settings

Using Fluent Search on more than one PC? Need to sync or export settings?
You can now import or export settings to a folder, or even sync your settings into your OneDrive account, this way you can easily sync settings between all your computers.

Group results

Fluent Search always offered a way to group results, but it was not updated in a long time. In this version, you can use the "Smart" grouping method which group files, apps, and processes when it detects that the result is duplicate (e.g. referencing to the same EXE) In addition, the UI of the groupped results has been improved.

Advanced calculator

The calculator search app has been improved to support more operations (Pow, Sqrt, %, etc.) and has Copy and Paste options for the calculated result.

Improved performance

The performance of rendering results in Fluent Search has been greatly improved, basically, this means Fluent Search will display results faster with less CPU resources.
And yes, you're going to see performance improvements every version, I can assure you.

Full changelog

  • Windows 11 design - Fluent Search uses new controls, fonts, and icons based on Windows 11 design (even if you're on Windows 10!)
  • Windows 11 support - Fluent Search supports a new transparency effect called "Mica" and has been tested and fixed to properly run on Windows 11
  • New feature - Home Screen - Fluent Search will now show an app-drawer like screen when the search is empty
  • New feature - Wallpaper Background - use wallpaper for all Fluent Search windows, you can use Windows desktop wallpaper
  • New feature - Enable all supported operations for all search results, this feature is part of preparations for workflows
  • New feature - Accent background color - use your accent color as a tint for background
  • New feature - Sync settings using One Drive, or export or import settings files
  • Group search results have been reworked - they now have new UI and are collapsable and a new group method called " Smart" is enabled by default
  • Calculator search app has been improved - support more operations, and copy and paste options for the result
  • More results are available - clear recycle bin, environment variables, Fluent Search plugins, UAC settings, disk management and more
  • The performance of searching and rendering has been improved
  • The performance of the Everything search indexer has been improved (Everything is no longer installable through FS)
  • Memory usage by screen search when using multiple screens has been improved
  • Fluent search will now open with single click from system tray icon
  • Fluent Search will now check if you got common 3rd party file managers installed and suggest them in the "Default file manager" setting
  • You can now bind the Windows key as any hotkey (it will not work when the focused process is running as admin (task manager) unless FS runs as admin as well)
  • Chromium searches without icon will show globe icon instead of question mark #156
  • UWP apps logos will now show in higher scale
  • Changed minimum font scale to 50% and maximum to 250%
  • Changed minimum search length for Chromium to 3 letters #238
  • Opening files or apps will now open them with working directory of the file location #246
  • Added support for keyboard navigation for folder previews
  • Added icons to all settings
  • Added setting to hide icon on task bar in appearance #142
  • Added links to the about window
  • Added about button in Settings #31
  • Added UI indicator on the search window when setting sync is in progress
  • Added setting - "Apply accent color on window borders"
  • Added setting - "Max files to process" in Files, this will change how many files that matches the search FS process before stopping
  • Added setting to reset ML data
  • Added button to revert all settings at top left in setting page
  • Added setting - "Open next to current app" in "In-App search", when disabled In-App search window will use the setting used by "Window startup position" in System
  • The information elements will not hide anymore when focusing the right pane #165
  • Fixed a bug that Run command icon was missing
  • Fixed a bug that opening directory in PowerShell did not work if the path contained space #222
  • Fixed a bug that folder preview could cause FS to hang
  • Fixed a bug that the search watermark and the tag suggestion showed above each other
  • Fixed a bug that some processes did not show when searching (e.g. League of legends)
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes icon fetching of web result did not work
  • Fixed a bug that the system tray icon did not show again when the taskbar crashed
  • Fixed a bug that app search could crash when searching for PWA apps
  • Fixed a bug that "Use system color" did not apply on startup
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes login into Microsoft account did not hide FS windows
  • Fixed a bug that some hotkeys did not register on startup #207
  • Fixed a bug that opening directory did not bring to front the explorer instance #201
  • Fixed a bug that the ML model did not learn when results were grouped
  • Fixed a bug that it was possible to register the same hotkey if it was a single key hotkey (Ctrl + Ctrl)
  • Fixed a bug that app result returned with invalid tag
  • Fixed a bug that command search with empty text and command tag did not work
  • Fixed a bug that in-app process caching could crash
  • Fixed a bug that searching chromium with tag did not show results on empty search
  • Fixed a bug that Explorer app group name was wrong
  • Fixed a bug that process searching could Fixed
  • crash a bug that image preview stretched to scroll inside the search window #169
  • Fixed a bug that scroll bar of the right pane got over other items #172
  • Fixed a bug that pinning/saving results of some types could cause FS to crash #171
  • Fixed a bug that the add tag flyout did not reset when closing #143
  • Fixed a bug that hovering over the right pane to show it was inconsistent #162
  • Fixed a bug that Chromium search did not work for new users
  • Fixed a bug that settings were not saved sometimes
  • Fixed a bug that some Chromium result icons were missing even if they were cached in the browser

Thanks for all the feedback, I truly appreciate it!

Feel free to contact me for any suggestion/issue on support@fluentsearch.net

Join the discord channel - https://discord.gg/W2EuWvD6GD

Feel free to share feedback or suggestions in Github - https://github.com/adirh3/Fluent-Search/

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